Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Vibe Magazine Closes Down!!

Wow! After 16 years Vibe Magazine is closing down! 

Vibe magazine was founded by Quincy Jones and was released in 1993. It was very successful during the 90's. It give inside look to  a lot of Hip Hop and RnB artist of today. Unfortunately cause of the recession it has to come to an end! :( 

Michael Jackson's Body going back to Neverland!!

According to TMZ Michael Jackson's body is set to go back to Neverland on Thrusday morning! 

30 Police Car security are going to be escorting his body back to Neverland Ranch!! 

New Louie Vuitton Ads for Fall 09 with Madonna!

Mr. Hudson ft. Kanye West "SuperNova"

This is one of my favorite songs right now! Watch out for Mr. Hudson!

Check the Video!!!



Power 106's very own Power Mixer Just N Credible and everyone's favorite intern Nick The Intern made an awesome Mixx to remember Michael Jackson!!! 

Download it here for free....

follow them on twitter @jusncredible106 and @nicktheintern


Rev Run Wisdom Quotes on Twitter!

There's nothing like waking up and the first thing you see or read is something positive, inspirational, and spiritual. So for those of you who have "Twitter" Rev Run always "Tweets" the best Quotes!! 

Follow him on Tweeter! It's perfect to read when your having a bad day, or you need a little bit of inspiration :) 


Dimepiece Designs Collection 09

Check out Dimepiecedesigns.com! They have a dope collection of clothes I love their line! It's unique and trendy! 

Check it... 

Monday, June 29, 2009

New Kanye West Video "Street Lights"

Check out Kanye West's new animated  video for "Street Lights" 

A little something I love!!!

Kendra Get's Married!!!!

Congrats To Kendra and Hank for tying the knot over the weekend!!! 

Holly, and Bridget were Kendra's Bridesmaids. Hugh Hefner was there too with his two new twin girlfriends!!!!

I've been watching Kendra's show on E! and Hank and her are super adorable with each other!!! I'm sooo happy for them!!! 


New Jay-Z Video for D.O.A


This Year's BET Awards was in Honor of Michael Jackson.

All the artist talked about their favorite MJ Song, Video and their best memory of him.  The Biggest Highlight  was when Janet Jackson came on to the stage to talk about the Lost of MJ. When I saw this it brought a tear to my eye she went on to say that " Michael to you was an Icon but to us  he was family" 

Ciara, Jaime Foxx, Keri Hilson, were some of the artist that performed MJ songs in his honor. Just to name a few!

Beyonce Performed a beautiful rendition of "Ave Maria" for MJ 

check out the video... 

Keri Hilson- Won Best New Artist 

Neyo-won Best RnB Artist 

Beyonce- Won Best Female RnB Artist 

Lil Wayne- Won Best Hip Hop Artist 

Best Group- Day 26 

Best Actor- Will Smith 

Best Actress- Tarji Henson 

Friday, June 26, 2009

Remembering Michael Jackson!!!

Wow! I'm still in shock that Michael Jackson The King of Pop is gone forever!! I remember when I was little watching MTV and VH1 and being so amazed on all of MJ's music videos they were like mini movies!!! My biggest Memory of MJ was the song he did  for the "Free Willy" movie!! Even now when I go out and his song will come up its amazing how everyone knows his song and still groove to it!!! He was a music Legend and has forever left his mark in music!! It's crazy to think that it takes something of this sort to make us realize how short life is and how we should appreciate are loved ones cause we just never know how much time we have with them!!!

Yesterday I was watching MTV and they were playing back to back music Videos of MJ and here are some of my favorite!!! 

RIP Michael you will forever be missed!! Thank you for all the wonderful Music!!! 

Thursday, June 25, 2009



According to TMZ.Com it reports that the paramedics were called at 12:52 pm to his home in Holby Hills, Ca.
When the paramedics got there they were unable to revive him!! Micheal was only 50 years old!! Michael was a Pop legend!!  He will never be forgotten , He will be missed!! Thank You Michael for all the GREAT MUSIC!!!! 

Sean Paul New Video For "So Fine"

We haven't heard from Sean Paul in a while, well he's back with a hot new single! "So Fine" Check out the Video!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

WOW!!!! Courtney Love is one HOT MESS!!!

WOW!!! It doesn't even look like her!! She looks like walking skin and bones! Yikes!!! Somebody please help her give her something to eat!!!

Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo Are OVER!!!!!

After 3 years of dating the two have split up!! Rumors had been going around that the two of them had broken up. Vanessa even cleared that rumor earlier in the year saying that they were still together. But it is not confirmed that they have gone their separate ways! A rep for Vanessa says that "They have amicably split but remain good friends who still greatly care for one another."

AWWW that's sad they actually made a cute couple togethere!!!

John Legend Performs with Mstrkrft on David Letterman Show!

John Legend was on David Letterman Show last night and he joined MSTRKRFT in performing "Heartbreaker"! I'm diggin the song!!

50 Cent's New Video for "I'll do anything for you"

Check out 50 Cent's latest music video for his new single "I'll do Anything for You" of his mixtape "War Angel". I think it's hilarious if you look closely in the beginning it says "BOOBOOTV"for all the Ladies!!

Monday, June 22, 2009


This picture was taken of Lady Gaga when she was performing at the MuchMusic Award show in Toronto Canada! But I think that outfit she had on showed a bit too much!!!!

New Music Video from Clipse ft Kanye West " Kinda like a Big Deal"!

Peep their new video! It's pretty dope!!!

Chris Brown Pleads Gulity!!!

Today Chris Brown and Rhi Rhi had to go to court to finally settle this MESS!! Chris Brown finally admitted to his wrong doing and pleaded guilty, to one count of Felony Assault on Rhi!

He got 5 years probation and 180 hours of community service and he is also going to be required to take domestic Violence Classes!!! Busted!!! The judge also put a restraining order against Chris, he needs to stay 50 yards away from Rhianna and at industry events he MUST remain 10 yards away!!!

If he violates any of this he will face up to 4 years in jail!!! I still believe that he should've faced sometime in jail! But I'm glad the judge put him on probabtion!!!

Perez Hilton Gets Assualted by Will.I.Am's Manager!

So the word is that over the weekend at the Music Award Show in Toronto, Canada. Perez says he got assaulted by Polo which is Will. I. Am's Manager. Check out his Video where he is explaining what happened!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Did Kanye get back with Amber Rose??

Rumor has it that yesterday during a taping of Ellen Degeneres Show  Kanye and Rose were seen together!! A Source reveled to Perezhilton.com! Wow! I wouldn't think that Kanye would take her back especially since she supposedly cheated on him!!! 

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Just 4 Fun!

Download this hot new mixtape from Power 106's  very own  JusNcredible! It's a great mix to listen to when your ready to go out!!! 

Download it here for free :) 


Stephanie Pratt Admits to be Bulimic!!

WOW!! I came across this article in Celebuzz.com Stephanie Pratt admits to being bulimic because she felt pressured to fit in with the girls from "The Hills"!!! She went on to say that she started purging after she saw herself next to Lauren in an episode of the Hills. ""I was horrified," Pratt recalls. "I remember saying, 'I can't believe how huge I look walking over to Lauren.'"

Not only did Lauren have an influence on her to become bulimic,   while filming in Hawaii she was alongside Audrina, and she asked for her advice.  If she should keep her shirt over her bathing suit or off and Audrina was quick to say on! I don't think Stephanie should of taken offense to that because, at least she was being honest! I feel bad for the poor girl I understand she felt pressured but purging is NEVER  the answer working out and keeping a healthly lifestyle would've helped her loose a couple pounds!! 

Kim Kardashian gives Heidi advice for Playboy!

As we all know Kim posed for playboy last year well Heidi is now confirming that she is going to pose for Playboy. Kim recently was interviewed by MTV and this is what she had to say to Heidi.....



Justin Timberlake Cheats on Jessica Biel!!!

Rumor has it that Justin Timberlake was seen over the weekend at a club in New York with a mysterious Brunette and the word is that they were cuddling with each other all night! Well the word got out thanks to "Twitter" you will never guess who twittered it Lindsey Lohan! She went on to tweet " Where's JB (Jessica Biel) at you cheater?! Wow Justin you got caught!!!! I really wonder what Jessica is going to say when she finds this out!!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Lindsey Lohan "Tweets" Topless!!

Wow! This girl is crying out for attention! Lindsey Lohan recently tweeted with no top on and luckly her hair was covering her boobs! Something is not right in that little head of hers shes not even attractive anymore! Honestly she looks like shes on crack!

Beyonce's Video for "Ego" with Kanye West.

Mariah Carey New Single "Obssesed"

Mariah Carey is coming back!!!Whoo Hoo we haven't heard much of her musically since she got married to Nick Cannon! She is releasing her newest single "Obsessed" Today!!! Her Album is Called "Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel" and is set to be released on August 25Th! I can't wait to hear what the album is going to sound like!!

Beyonce's new video for "Broken Hearted Girl"

AWWW this video makes me sad :(

Monday, June 15, 2009


The Lakers Parade is Tomorrow it will be taking place in downtown LA starting at the Staples Center and it will end at the LA Coliseum. It will start @ 11am! If your gonna attend make sure to arrive early to get a good spot!!! Please be safe and celebrate in a civil manner!!!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Usher and Wife Tamika have Broken Up!

This one is a shocker!! Usher and Tamika have spilt up and apparently Usher had not been living with Tamika for almost a year now! Crazy Right! Usher and Tamika had been married for two years and have they have two boys together!! Ushers main concern is his kids he still wants to be a good father and role model! Wow whats up with this 2 year curse for most of this Hollywood Couples that get married!!!!

Cassie and Diddy "Must Be Love" New Music video!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Kim K has Style!!!

I have to give props to Kim she is doing her thing right now! Not only is she going to be on the Cover of Oprah Magazine,but she is also on the cover of Ocean's Magazine!! She looks beautiful!!! She has one hell of a stylist check out her outfits in the pics!!!!

Lauren Conrad at her Book Launch Party

Lauren had her Launch Party for her book " LA Candy" at the Thompson Hotel in Beverly Hills last night!!!

In an interview with E! News Lauren says “It’s one of my hopes,“We’re going to start working on that when I get back from my book tour.”

Go Head Lauren! I'm happy for her!! I'm for sure going to buy a copy of that book!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I'm sooo excited that summer is almost here!! A lot of cute stuff is coming out for summer one thing in particular that I love are the jumpsuits!! They are going to be sooo hot this summer!!! It's definitely going to be a MUST HAVE!!!

My Fav Jeans!!

It's so hard to find jeans that fit right now a days we all have different body types! Me for example I'm very curvy so it's so hard to find the right jeans! Well ladies I found the perfect jeans for girls that have big booty's!! lol Joe's Jeans they are my fav!!! They hug every curve and compliment the curvy figure very well! You can find them at any retail store like Macy's, and Nordstroms. They are a bit pricey but trust me you will love them!!! 

check out their site 

Kanye West on "The View"

Kanye West got to sit in the middle with all the Ladies Of "The View" where he talked about "American Idol", His Book " Thank You and Your Welcome, and His HUGE fall tour with LADY GAGA!!! 

Check the video


DAMN! It seems that everyone is getting pregnant now a days! Well at least this one is not preganat by Weezy Baby lol! It' s been confrimed that she is pregnant!! She is sooo excited she even confirmed it on her website ""hi everyone!!!!  so the rumors are true...i am pregnant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" she writes. "hank and i were beyond excited when we found out the news and ive been dying to tell all of you but we were waiting for the perfect time to do it.  im sorry if you heard it first elsewhere...that's not how i wanted it to happen, but im so glad its out in the open now."

I'm soooo happy for Kendra she was always my favorite girl next door!!! Congrats!!!! 


WOW!! This is huge!! Kanye West and Lady Gaga are AMAZING!! Who ever thought of putting the both of them on tour is genius!!!! Get this she is not opening for Kanye but she and Kanye will be performing TOGETHER!!!!! WOW!!!! I can't wait to see how dope this show is going to be!!!!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Amerie new video for "Why R U"

YAY!! I'm soo happy she's back! Check out her video for "Why R U"! 

Find more videos like this on The Celebrity Network

First Lauren now Nieva is having a baby from Wezzy!!!

According to Bossip.com  They are saying that they received a tip that Nieva is Pregnant with Wayne's baby!!! CRAZY RIGHT!!! Lil Wayne went on to say that the two of them will be getting married in the next couple of months!!! Wow I wonder how Lauren is feeling right now knowing that she is preggers with his kid and now Nieva and Wayne are getting married and having a kid. Dang!!! Poor Lauren girl what were you thinking to mess with him he's not even cute! 

Monday, June 8, 2009


It hit's stores tomorrow and there's a HUGE buzz on it, I listened the entire album already and it's amazing!! Will I Am killed it on producing and writing all the songs for the album!! My fav songs of the album so far are "Meet me Halfway", Alive, I gotta feeling, "Party All The Time"!! Go out and by this album you won't be disappointed!! 

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Jay-Z gets release date for Blueprint 3!!!

WOW! Finally after the long wait the highly anticipated "Blueprint 3" has a release date!! Rumor has it that Jay-Z will release his album on Sept. 11Th. That's a huge date he decided to go with it marks exactly 8 years since he released "Blueprint" and it's also going to be  8 years since 9/11!!! 

This is HUGE!!! 

Pharrell "Going in with Rhianna"!

Not literally "Going In" but doing a Collabo with Rhianna! In a recent interview with Billboard he said he was working with Rhi Rhi, this is the first time that the both of them have actually worked together!!! Pharrell is a dope producer so I'm pretty sure whatever he's working on with Rhi Rhi is going to be hott!!! Be on the look out!

Whitney Houston is FINALLY making her comeback!!!

It took her long enough! Whitney Houston is dropping her long awaited album this September!!!! She is working with R.Kelly ,Swizz Beats , and Akon just to name a few!!!

Wow those are some pretty big artist I'm actually looking forward to see how it's going to sound!!! Well see!!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Kanye West's new video for "Paranoid"

Finally after all the other verisons of the video the final one is here!! 

Wale's New Video for "Chillen" ft. Lady Gaga!

This is one of my Favorite songs right now!!! Check out the Video it's Dope!

Lady Gaga's New Video for next single "Paparazzi"

Lady Gaga continues to push the limits!!! check out her new video for "Paparazzi"

Black Eyed Peas New Video for " I Gotta Feeling"



Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Hills says goodbye to Lauren!!!

The Season Finale of "The Hills" was on Sunday and Wow it was soooo good Heidi finally got married to Spencer. Lauren surprisingly showed up to her wedding after Spencer called her and apologized which I think was super fake!!!! Well anyways while Lauren was with Heidi Kristen showed up to the wedding!!! Well Lauren ends up leaving without anyone seeing her at the end and they focus on Kristen!!! 

Check out this video clip teasing the new season of "The Hills" 

Jay-Z and Eminem at Dj Hero Video Game Release Party!!!

Last Night Jay-Z and Eminem performed at an exclusive party at The Wiltern in Los Angele's for the video game release of DJ Hero! It was a star-studded event!! Stars from Leonardo Di Capro , Adam Levine, Tyrese, Tarji P, Nikki Hilton, Kim Kardashian, Brittany Gastineau and sooo many more!!!! I was suppose to attend the party but I couldn't make it :( UGHHHH my friend Yesi Ortiz midday Chic from Power 106 got to go and she said she was sooo star- st rucked when she meet Leonardo!!! lol She couldn't find the words to come out of her mouth! lol Well I was reading my friends Tweets and they were having such a blast!!!! From what I read Dj Am, and Travis Killed it!!! Jay-Z was SOOO DOPE!!!!!

Jeremiah's Video for "Birthday Sex"

WHOA!! Lala all up on Kobe!!

This picture was taken after the Lakers kicked the Nuggets Butt last week on Friday!!!

Lala looks awfully close to Kobe don't ya think? I mean what is she doing hugging Kobe she should've been consoling her man since his team lost!! I wonder how Vanessa Kobe's wife feels about this.... hmmmm