Friday, October 30, 2009

Jay-Z and Alicia Keys "Empire State of Mind"

The Video is finally out for one of the biggest songs of the year! Jay-Z ft. Alicia Keys "Empire State Of Mind" Love the video makes me want to go to New York even more now!!!!

Ryan Leslie's "Transition"

Ryan Leslie's new album "Transition" will hit stores next week Nov. 3rd! I'm soooo excited!!! Check out this video he did talking about his album!

Ryan Leslie - "Transition" is here! from Ryan Leslie on Vimeo.

Alicia Keys " Try Sleeping with a Broken Heart"

I Love A-keys next single " Try Sleeping with a Broken Heart"!! I know all the ladies and some fellas are going to relate to this song!! Her Album "The Element of Freedom" will be out on December 15Th! I cannot wait! Just from the first two songs I'm soo excited!!!!

Ghostface Killah tells "Ghost Stories" on Jimmy Kimmel

Jay-Z & Alicia Keys Peform "Empire State of Mind" at World Series

Jay-Z and Alicia Keys did it again this time with no interruptions from Lil Momma! They had an amazing performance last night at the World Series in New York! Jay-Z was reppin with his Yankee gear and Alicia looked amazing!

Check out their performance!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Chris Brown ft. Lil Wayne & Swizz Beats "Transform Ya"

Chris Brown did it big with this video I Like it!!!

Neyo " Never Knew I Needed"

I love Neyo's new single! His ballad was featured on Disney's animated movie "The Princess and the Frog; Tiana and her Princess friends" Check out the video!

Melonie Fiona "It Kills Me"

This is one of my favorite R&B Songs right now don't sleep on Melonie Fiona she is amazing!!

Check out the video for "It Kills Me" Ladies there's some eye candy for you in this video check out Adam Rodriguez! Hot Stuff!!!

Micheal Jackson's "This Is It" Red Carpet Premier!

This Tuesday was the Red Carpet Premier of Micheal Jackson's "This Is It" and Big Boy and Liz Hernandez from Big Boy's Neighborhood where at the premiere check out this dope video!!!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Rumor! Jessica Simpson& Gerard Butler??

So Rumor is that Jessica Simpson and Gerard Butler are hooking up! They were seen having dinner with a group of friend in Soho in New York on Tuesday! Sources say that they clicked and they have a thing for each other! The funny thing is that Gerard Butler had been seen with Jennifer Aniston not so long ago hmmm can he be pimpin both of them??

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

New Nixon Watch is HOT!!!

I love watches they're so hot and they make any outfit look fresh! Check out this new Nixon watch in Gold it also comes in Sliver. But I love the Gold is hot right now!!!!

This is HOT!!!

I have a thing for funky designs on nails and I came across this on the Hellz Bellz blog site it's sooo fresh to me!!!

Check it!!

Fellas would you do this????

Wow!!! Lindsey Lohan looks such a hot mess!!! She needs to lay off the tanning and the botox for sure!!

Eva Longoria and Tony Parker Hot Ad!

Watch out David and Victoria Beckham there's a new couple in town! Check out this hot ad that Eva Longaria and hubby Tony Parker did for "London Fog"! I love this two they make such a cute couple!!!

Kim Kardashian wants a Baby!!!

I think Kimmie might be feeling a little left out since Kourtney is preggers, and Khole is married and maybe preggers, she is the last one left!

In a recent interview with Life& Style Magazine she said that she wants to have a baby before she's 30 and that's just one year away! She went on to say "Before I was strictly all about my work, now I make it priority to go see him instead, it's all about the commitment you choose to make". Kim is so committed to making it work the second time around with Reggie that she's selling her Millon dollar condo in Beverly Hills to Move in with Reggie in New Orleans. So don't be surprised if we find out she's the next Kardashian that gets pregnant!


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Rihanna's Promo Video for "Wait is Ova"

We have all been dying to hear new material from Rhi for while now, her new single "Russian Roulette" was world premiered in Los Angeles this morning on Big Boy's Neighborhood! It give me the chills you can hear the pain that she was going through just by what she's saying in the song! to hear it log on to!

Her Promo video for her album was released it's very dark and different! Check it let me know what you think.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Behind the Scene's at Rhiannas Video Shoot!

Check this behind the scenes footage of Rhi's Video shoot!

New O.P.I Nail Colors!

I saw these on Monica Rose Blog and I had to show you ladies! These nail colors are so fun and they look so cool on! They're a must for fall!!!

Kourtney Kardashians house was Burgalized!!

People Magazine reported that Kourtney Kardashians home in Calabasas was robbed on Saturday!! They say that Approximately $108,000 in jewelry was stolen, that was the first thing that they noticed missing! I honestly think it's an inside job someone must had to be watching her and knew where she kept her jewelery at!

Lamar Odom and Khole Kardashian finally sign a Pre-Nup!!

After all this time Lamar and Khole finally signed the pre-nup!!! Word is that Khole wants $500,000 for every year married in case they get divorced!!! Wait there's more She also wants 25,000 in general spouse support , she wants to keep their new house, a luxury vehicle. and $1,000 for beauty care!!! WOW I thought when you marry someone money is not the important thing it's LOVE. I really hope that what she is demanding is just a rumor! It just sounds crazy!!!

Their official marriage license is being filed this week so they will be finally married as well!!

Stephanie Pratt Arrested for DUI!

Stephanie was arrested Sunday morning for driving under the influence! Police gave her the Breathalyzer test twice the first time it was right at the limit of 08. just when she thought she was saved they made her take it again and it was over the legal percentage of 09.! She spent the night in jail and they released her Sunday afternoon on $5,000 bail!! Ouch! I wonder what Spencer has to say about this??

Leona Lewis "Happy"

Shakira Performs "She Wolf" on Saturday Night Live!

shakira shaked her hips on Saturday Night Live and Performed "She Wolf"

TLC Performs At Justin Timberlake & Friends Concert

TLC had been MIA for a while. Well this weekend they reunited and performed at Justin Timberlake & Friends concert in Las Vegas to benefit Shriner's Hospitals for Children. Alica Keys, Ciara, Snoop Dogg, Taylor Swift , Jay Sean, and Timbaland also performed.

Alica Keys "Dosen't Mean Anything"

I love Alica Keys New Single "Doesn't Mean Anything" the video is amazing! I can not wait to her her new album!! Due out next month, be on the look out! :)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Jason Derulo "Whatcha Say"

This is one of my favorite songs right now! Check the video!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Must haves for Fall!!!

I'm so Happy that Fall is finally in full effect! I love the weather, don't get me wrong I love the Cali sunshine but it's time for a change! Well here are somethings that are must haves for Fall and you can dress them down or dress them up depending on the occasion!

Black Leggings are a must for fall! There are soo comfortable and they go with everything! For work throw on a cute tank throw a cardigan or over sized sweater and some cute flats and your ready to go if you need to go out throw on some suede knee high boots some accessories and your all set!

Blazer Jackets! These are my fav right now! They just go with everything! You can Find Great deals on these at Forever 21 or H&M!!

Knee high boots & Ankle Boots: Both of these are sooo fun I love the Knee high boots they make an outfit look soo hot! As for the Ankle boots they look super cute with leggings or Skinny's.

Penelope Cruz Joins Sex and The City Cast!

Word is that Penelope Cruz will be joining the cast of Sex and the City for the Sequel! They say that she already filmed a scene, and that she will be playing herself in the movie. I cannot wait to the movie hit the big screens. I loved the first one so I'm hoping the sequel is even better! :)

The Wait is Finally Over!!!

Rhianna tweeted "The Wait is Ova" Nov. 23rd today and announced that her very anticipated album will be released next month!!! I cannot wait!!! I have been waiting for this album for a while, I'm hoping that the album is fire! You know what they say artist write the best songs when they've gone through something. So be on the look out!!

Mike Tyson breaks down on Oprah Show!

Mike Tyson was on Oprah yesterday and talk about an emotional interview!!!

WTH! Where they thinking?!?

So there's been a couple of parties to kick of Fashion Week in L.A., but some people forgot to call their stylist! What is Paris Hilton thinking she over did it with the animal print she looks one hot wild mess! As for Lauren Conrad I usually love the way she dresses but what she thinking the dress does not flatter her! Come on Lauren! Last but not least the worst dressed was Pamela Anderson! It looks like they ripped a curtain and tried to make a dress out of it yikes! I don't know how people think she's sexy?!

Mariah Carey is going to be a MOM!!!!

I was in shock when I read that Mariah Carey is going be a Mom!! In a recent interview with "In Touch" magazine she talked about how she's so excited, how she's gaining the baby weight, and how her and nick are choosing names for the baby. Wow it's shocking because we didn't expect her to get preganat just yet since she just released her album!!

New Couple! Russell Brand and Katy Perry!

What is Katy thinking I personally think Russell Brand looks gross and dirty and he's so lame just from how he acted at the MTV VMA's! The two lovebirds were seen in paris for Fashion Week holding hands and enjoying each other company. Well rumor is that Russell Brand wants to take her and introduce her to "The Parents", and they only have been dating a couple of weeks. Please don't tell me their going to pull a "Khole and Lamar"!!

Black Eyed Peas " Meet Me Halfway"

"Meet Me Halfway" is one of my favorite songs of The B.E.P. Album! I'm so glad the video is finally out! The video has a very futuristic look it kind of almost reminds me a little bit of Star Wars.

Check it out!

Mariah Carey's At&T Commercial

I'm really diggin Mariah Carey's Curly hair again! Check out her new At&t Commercial!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Ryan Leslie's Album "Transition"

I can't wait for Ryan Leslie's album to come out! I was reading an article and he was giving a little background on each individual song and I already know I'm going to LOVE " Guardian Angel"The song talks about how he starts looking at the bigger picture and realized why this girl was placed in his life and how she was his Guardian Angel, because she helped him through so much.

His album is due Next month Nov. 3rd, make sure to go out any buy it! Don't Sleep on him he's amazing!!!!

Rumor!!! Another Kardashian Pregnant!?!?

So Rumor is going around that none other than newlywed Khole Kardashian might be pregnant!!! Last night at the Grand Opening of "Famous Cupcakes" in Beverly Hills the paparazzi was taking pictures of her as she was leaving and it does kind of look like she has a bump. Well this could be true, last night when I was at the event Khole was playing with Lala Vasquez Baby Boy and I heard her say "I'mma have one you pretty soon" so maybe she is pregnant?!?

Then it would all make sense why Lamar and Khole decided to get married so fast?! I wonder if in the pre-nup they mentioned something about them having kids in the future? Hmm

The Kardashians LOVE Cupcakes!

Yesterday was the Grand Opening of the Famous Cupcakes in Beverly Hills and The "Dash Dolls" hosted the event! I got the opportunity to go and wow can I just how toned Kim K is. You could literally see her six pack through her dress! Go head Kimmie Khole looked great along with prego Kourt and Kris Jenner "Mom".

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Lady Gaga made an appearance on an MTV Reality show back in the day believe it or not, check out the video! She's the one with the ponytail she looks completely different from how she looks now!!

Monday, October 5, 2009

WHOA! What's wrong with Lindsey Lohan's face!

What happen to Lindsey's face!!! This picture was taken of Lindsey in Paris for Fashion week! Girl you need to lay off the Botox you look like your about to cry!!

Rumor!! Lamar Proposed to another Woman before Khole!

Rumor is that Lamar Odom was madly in Love with another Woman and that he even proposed to her just a week before he meet Khole. You'll never guess who it is??

Tarji P. Hensen I know crazy right!! Lamar got put on blast by former Lakers Radio personality Matt "Money" he said that Lamar was madly in love with her and he proposed to her just a week before he meet Khole! Damn Khole you put that Thang on Lamar for sure!!

Rhianna's Risky Outfits in Paris During Fashion Week!

Rhianna continues to stun everyone with her Risky outfits. I give her props though for trying something different individuality is a beautiful thing!!! Go Head Rhi! 

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Kanye West & Lady Gaga "Fame Kills" Tour Cancelled!

WOW! This sucks I was so looking forward to go to their tour especially since their both such amazing artist!

Mediatakeout reported the rumor today that the tour was getting called off!

Rumor is that Lady Gaga was pulling herself out of the tour and Kanye West was planning to attend rehab for alcoholism after the tour. No official announcement has been made yet, word is that there planning on making the announcement tomorrow.

Lauren Conrad's Clothing Line hits Kohl's!

Last year Lauren launched her clothing line and it was in all the upscale department stories and Kitson as well. Well it didn't so good in all honesty her clothes were nice but they were to overpriced!

So I'm glad she's making a comeback and re-releasing her clothing line but this time much affordable you can find "Lauren Conrad" at Kohl's stores nationwide!

Rhianna in Paris for Fashion Week!

What do you think of Rhi , Rhi's outfits for Fashion Week in Paris?

Personally I think it's a bit risky but she can pull it off, Rhi always looks dope!


Lady Gaga , Interscope A&M/ Chairman Jimmy Iovine, and Dr. Dre recently teamed up in New York City's GILT to reveal their latest addition of "Beats" headphones to the U.S. Media!

Lady Gaga version of "Beats" headphones will be named "Heartbeats". Lady Gaga says that the headphones adds the "Juice" to the record. The headphones come in three different colors Red Chrome, Bright Chrome, and Black Chrome. Price starts of at $99.95 "Heartbeats" will be released later this month. A lighter version of Dre's " Beats" headphones will go on sale next month for $179.00