Friday, December 25, 2009

New Video Amerie ft. Fabolous "More than Love"

This is one of my favorite songs of her Album! Fabulous plays her leading man peep the video!

Happy Holidays!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Robin Thicke Brings out Kid Cudi

This week so far has been huge for L.A. Robin Thicke had his show at the Nokia Theatre on Monday and Ryan Leslie opended for him!!!! UGHH so sad I didn't get to make it but here's Robin Thicke and Kid Cudi they perform "Elevatas" off Robin Thicke's New Album "Sex Therapy"

Check out Robin Thicke how animated he gets! Love it!!!

Elevators feat. Kid Cudi from Patrick Datuin on Vimeo.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

New Video! Rihanna ft. Young Jeezy "Hard"

So happy the video is finally out for one of the hottest songs of the year!! Rihanna ft. Young Jeezy " Hard" it's a very rough looking Rhi Rhi! Peep the video!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Taylor Swift Goes Straight!

When I first saw this picture I didn't even realize it was Taylor Swift! She looks a completely different person!! She said good bye to her Curly blond Hair and went with the straight hair and some bangs! She looks pretty and more grown up what do you think?

Melanie Fiona "Monday Morning"

I Love Melanie Fiona's Album "The Bridge" this is one of my favorite songs of her album! Make sure to go and buy it!

Peep the video!!!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

50 Cent "Do You think of Me"

Peep 50 Cent's new video for his next single "Do You Think of Me" and you'll never guess who makes a cameo...... none other than former girlfriend Vivica Fox! Yes Crazy Right?? I always thought they looked good together!

Check the video!

Mariah Carey "H.A.T.E.U."

New Video! Mary J Blige "I Am"

Mary J Blige did it big with her latest single "I Am" I know a lot of ladies have been in this situation before! Her album "Stronger with each Tear" drops on December 21st, and I cannot wait! All her albums are so therapeutic to the heart! Ladies don't ya agree??

Check her latest video for "I Am"

Melanie Fiona nominated for a Grammy!

Melanie Fiona is one of my favorite Female R&B singers!! I'm so happy that she is nominated for a Grammy for "Best Female R&B Vocal Performance" I really hope she wins she's amazing! Don't sleep on her!

Check the video for one of my favorite songs "It Kills Me"

Mariah Carey on the Cover of "Paper Magazine"

Mariah Carey graced the cover of "Paper" Magazine and she looks stunning it reminds me of the look she had going on in her "Honey" video.

Rihanna's Newest Tattoo

Rihanna adds to her Tattoo's and "Ok Magazine" had the exclusive on Rhi's newest tattoo! I'm actually diggin this one! She got it on her chest and it reads "Never a Failure always a Lesson" but written backwards! I love Rhi's steez!

New Alicia Keys ft. Beyonce "Put it in a Love Song"

When I heard this song I fell in love with it!! I can't wait for Alicia Keys album "The Element of Freedom" to drop next week on Tuesday!! Make sure to go out and buy it! Support good music!!

Peep the song!

New Music .. Sade "Solider of Love"

Sade is finally coming back! We have missed you!!! Her album "Solider of Love" is due out on February 8th!

Check out her single " Soldier of Love" I love it!

50 Cent wants to Collabrate with Susan Boyle!

50 Cent was on "Jimmy Fallon Show" last night and talked about how he wanted to collabrate with Susan Boyle from "Britan's got Talent" He went on to say that she was hot right now and he would like to her on a track with him! Crazy right? lol

Check out the interview....

New Video! Kid Cudi "Pursuit of Happiness"

Kid Cudi "Pursuit of Happiness" is one of my favorite song's of his album "Man on the Moon" his album is amazing don't sleep on him!

Peep the video Drake, and Consequence make cameo's in the video.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Rihanna on SNL!

Last night Rihanna made her debut on "Saturday Night Live", check out this skit she did it's hilarious. She also performed her hot single "Hard" ft. Young Jeezy and "Russian Roulette"

Peep The videos....

This one is Hilarious!

"Hard" ft. Young Jeezy

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Diddy on HSN

Diddy is an amazing business man he knows how to market his product really well. Last night he was on HSN selling his Fragrance line for I Am King , and Unforgivable for Women and it Sold out!! They had to end the show early because they ran out of sets to sell!! Go Head Diddy!!

Peep the videos...

Jennifer Lopez on Jay Leno

J-Lo was on Jay Leno last night and he asked her 10 great questions! Can you believe she doesn't own an I-Pod?? Crazy Right

Check the video....

Monday, November 30, 2009

Dj Am X New Shoe

Dj Am was always a big fan of Nike Dunks before he passed he was in the process of coming out with his own line of Nike Dunks. Well word is that he had already approved the designs for the his own line of Nike Dunks, but unfortunately the line won't be released anytime soon due to contract issues, that they are discussing with Dj Am family.

Alicia Keys X Rihanna Perform on X Factor

Alicia Keys did her thing last night when she Performed "Empire State of Mind, Doesn't Mean Anything, and No One for U.K. television show "The X Factor" Three of my favorite songs from A-Keys, she's amazing!!

Rihanna looked stunning as well, Love her dress I'm not sure If I'm liking the blond hair on top. She looks better with black hair, but I gotta admit she has a very fresh style! I love it! She performed her single "Russian Roulette"

Kid Cudi Suprises Fans!

Kid Cudi was performing in Toronto over the weekend and he suprised everyone when he brought out Drake and performed "Forever".

Tiger Woods injured in Car Accident

Tiger Woods was injured in a car accident on Friday morning down the street from his home, he crashed into his neighbors tree! Word is that his wife was the first one to help him out of the SUV, he got a couple bruises and scratches on his face and was taken to the hospital. He released a statement in which he blamed the accident on himself and he requested some privacy from the media and the police at this time. What's crazy is that he doesn't want to talk to the police about what happen that day!! Hmm I wonder why he's being so secretive about this????

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Lady Gaga Checks Kid Cudi!

Lady Gaga opened up her "Monster Ball" Tour on Friday in Montreal, Canada, and as she started to perform "Poker Face" she was quick to check Kid Cudi for being late!

Peep the Video......

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Shakira on "Lopez Tonight"

I love Shakira she's so sweet and a hell of a performer! She was on "Lopez Tonight" and she looked stunning I love the dress she's wearing hotness!!!

Check out the interview and the performance :)

All Rhi Rhi wants for Christmas is Good Food and Some Good Sex!

In a recent interview that Rhi had they asked her what she wanted for Christmas and she's a simple girl all she wants is some good food and some good sex! Hmmm I wonder who is this dude thats hooking her up with the good sex???

Check out the interview!

Whitney Houston Performs on Dancing with the Stars!

Whitney Houston performed "Million Dollar Bill" and "I wanna dance with somebody" last night on the Season Finale of "Dancing with the Stars".

Timbaland ft. Drake "Say Something" Teaser!

I already know Timbaland's new album "Shock Value 2" is going to be crazy! Well his single with Drake "Say Something" is one of my favorite songs out right now! The video isn't out yet but check out this teaser..

Rihanna Performs on Lettermen

Rihanna performed her single "Russian Roulette" last night on Letterman, and she looked stunning! Shoulder pads are so in love the dress she was wearing!

Check it....

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Timbaland ft. Soshy "Morning After"

I'm Diggin Timba's new single but I'm not to sure what's going on with the video! lol it looks like a wannabe "Twilight" mini movie I'm just sayin lol and Timba gained a couple of LBS that suit looks tight on him don't ya think???

Check out the video

Monday, November 23, 2009

"Ready To Shine"

Power 106 's L.A. Leaker Just N Credible hooked it up with a Dope new mix "Ready to Shine"! Love the title quite inspirational the mix is on fire it has a mix of a lot of new songs! It's perfect mix to work out to or to listen to on the way home!

you can get a free download here for free :)

"Ready to Shine"

Lady Gaga Performance at The Ama's

Lady Gaga performance from the AMA's has everyone talking today! She knows what she's doing I truly believe that she is the Modern Day Madonna. Back in the day Madonna was the same very different and eccentric and she tried different styles of music and she had a very unique style of dressing as well. She was the one the brought out the cone bra's remember those thangs! Well just by looking at Lady Gaga's performance I can only imagine how crazy her tour is going to be!!!

If you missed her performance here it is .....

"The Wait is Ova"

Rihanna's Highly anticipated album "Rated R" is in stores today! Personally I liked the album its really different and it's kinda of dark, not the Rihanna that were used to seeing what so ever!

The Title for her album "Rated R" is very appropriate because she does cuss a lot. I've always thought that the best songs come from artist when they've gone through something and there's a couple of songs that I know the ladies are going to relate to big time!
One of my favorites is "Stupid in Love" it basically talks about how she was so blind and how she put up with this guy(Chris) , even though her friends would tell her he was just a waste of time. I know all of us ladies have been there before! I also love "Rude Boy" that track is hot!! It's one of her uptempo singles on the album I love it cause she's basically telling the dude you think your so tough will show me whatcha got!! HEYY!!! lol Make sure to go and support Rhi Rhi ladies you won't be disappointed!! :)

Best Performances at The Ama's

There was soo many great performances last night! Janet Jackson, Mary J Blige, Alicia Keys, Rihanna, Lady GaGA, and The Black Eyed Peas!

Janet Jackson

Mary J Blige "I AM"

Alicia Keys " Try Sleeping with a Broken Heart"

Rihanna "Wait is Ova"/ Hard"

Black Eyed Peas "Meet Me Halfway"

Jennifer Lopez performs at AMA's

So the Ama's were last night and they were sooo good my favorite performance of the night had to be J-Lo even though she fell on her booty she did the damn thing!! I love her new single "Louboutions" makes me wanna put some on and go out! lol

Check out the video

Friday, November 20, 2009

Diddy Big 40 B-day Bash!!!

Diddy is known for Over the top parties, you know he had to do it BIG for the big 40! Diddy threw a huge Birthday extravaganza at The Ritz Hotel in New York City last night. Talk about a star studded event even Martha Stewart showed up (OH WHAT) I know that's exactly what I said! Kim Kardashian, Cassie, Tyrese , Trey Songz were also there!

Check out some video that was taken from last night....

New Video! Fabolous Ft. Kobe "Imma Do It"

This is a Dope record!!! If you still have not checked out Fabo's Album your sleepin his album is dope!!!

Check out the Video

New Video J-Lo ft. Pitbull "Fresh Out The Oven"

J-Lo is BACK!! Check out her hot new video for her single "Fresh Out The Oven" I love the clothes that she's wearing in this video very very TRENDY!!! Her leopard heels are on fire!!!! Get Em' J-LO!!

Tony Braxton ft. Trey Songz "So Yesterday"

It's been a minute since we have heard anything from Tony Braxton will she's back with a new single ft. Trey Songz! The single is called "So Yesterday" and it's about finally getting over someone you thought you loved after they did you dirty couple of times! Some of our L.A. Lakers Ron Artest, and Shannon Brown make a cameo in the video! Brooke Hogan plays Shannon Browns love interest.

Check out the video

Inside Look at 2009 Victoria Secret Fashion Show

Last Night the 2009 Victoria Secret Fashion Show took place in New York City at the Armory. It was a star studded event Artist like Jay-Z , Dr. Dre, Fergie, Keri Hilson, Jay Sean, and Tyrese were there and that's just naming a few.

The Black Eyed Peas Performed as the Victoria Secret Models worked it down the runaway!

The Victoria Secret Fashion show will air on December 1st at 10pm on CBS so make sure to mark your calenders!! :)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Frankie J "Crush"

Ladies! Frankie J is back with a hot new single that I know all the ladies are gonna love!!!!

Check it out and let me know what you think :)

50 Cent on Conan O' Brien

Check out 50 Cent on Conan O' Brien last night, he's quite the character lol!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Alicia Keys "Try Sleeping with a Broken Heart"

AWWWW YEAH!!! So excited the video is finally out!! I know a lot of people can relate to this song! Check out the video!!!

New Video! Beyonce X Lady Gaga "Video Phone"

This is one of my Fav songs right now!! Beyonce and Lady Gaga in their new video for "Video Phone" Lady Gaga actually looks normal in this video! lol

Beyonce Gets Bold!

At Beyonce's concert in London yesterday night Beyonce was performing "Halo" and she got so into her performance she started interacting with her fans next thing you know she jumps into the crowd!!! Yes Shocking right!!! check out the video!!!

Robin Thicke "Sex Therapy"

Check out this sexy new video from Robin Thicke! His album is due out on December 15th make sure to go out and buy it!

Sex Therapy

Robin Thicke | MySpace Music Videos

Monday, November 16, 2009

Melanie Fiona "Bang, Bang"

Melonie Fiona is one of my favorite RnB chicks right now! I haven't had the chance to go out and buy her album but from the couple singles I heard I know I'm going to love it! Check out her latest video for her single "Bang, Bang"....


We haven't heard from J-Lo in a while now, after she had her two cute adorable babies she was low key. Well she's back with a hot new single "Fresh out the Oven" ft. cuban hit maker Pitbull! She is also going to premier her next single "Louboutions" this Sunday at the American Music Awards. In an interview she had with she gave a little background on what the song is about.. “It’s basically about when you get to that point in a bad relationship and you’re like, ‘Damn, I really have to leave. It’s just not good for me,’” she said. “This song is actually about when you’ve made the decision—I’m out. It’s not the girl who’s like, ‘I’m gonna take my stuff, and I’m gonna put on my sweatpants, and I’m gonna cry, and my girlfriends are gonna pick me up and we’re gonna go eat ice cream.’ It’s not that girl. This girl is like putting on her hottest dress and her sexiest Louboutin shoes, and leaving your ass.” I know for sure this is going to be a ladies anthem we have all been in a situation like this before! Can't wait to see her performance this Sunday, it's been a while so I'm excited to see what shes going to come with!

Yahoo! Teams Up with Ryan Leslie for "Sound Decisions"

This is sooo dope Yahoo! teamed up with Ryan Leslie for their newest exposition "Sound Decisions" and to break it in they did a piece on Ryan Leslie! Ryan Leslie is one of the flyest guys in the RnB game right now! In his piece it gives some background of where he grew up and how he has always had a passion for music. His story is quite inspiring!

Check it...

Yahoo Presents "Sound Decisions" - Ryan Leslie Doc from Ryan Leslie on Vimeo.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Rihanna's new video "Russian Roulette"

Rihanna's new video for her single "Russian Roulette" is finally out, it's a very dark, and emo video, You can tell the pain she has.

Check the video!

Chris Brown On Wendy Williams

Chris Brown was on the Wendy Williams show yesterday and he premiered his new Video for his next single " Crawl". Wendy went on to ask him what steps he's taking forward to become a better man , and how he feels about the Rhi Rhi interview.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Marc Anthony on "Lopez Tonight"

OMG! When I was watching this I was laughing sooo hard my stomache started hurting! George Lopez and Marc Anthony are hilarious in this video!!!

New Video! Omarion ft. Gucci Mane

Omarion is BACK! His new single " I get it in" ft. Gucci Mane is actually a pretty good!Doesn't it seem like Gucci Mane is on everything lol I'm just sayin Peep the video it's pretty good!

Alicia Keys Speaks on Video Concept for " Try Sleeping with a Broken Heart"

A-Keys did it again with her next single "Try Sleeping with a Broken Heart" of her new album "The Element of Freedom" which is due out on December 15th! I cannot wait for her album I already know it's going to be amazing! Check out this behind the scenes video that she did with Billboard taking about the concept of the Video....

Angry Woman Cusses out Chris Brown!

Chris Brown was walking out of Footaction last night in New York and as some people were asking to take pics a very angry women started cussing him out calling him a man beater! Check out the video!

Lady Gaga on the Cover of "Flare" Magazine

Lady Gaga is known for her very different eccentric ways but that's what makes Lady Gaga who she is. We are always looking forward to seeing what's she's going to come out with next. Lady Gaga being so Fashion Forward recently graced Canadian Magazine "Flare" and she actually looks pretty in pink hair and all.

Kid Sister " Right Hand Hi"

Kid Sister's "Right Hand Hi" is a dope single I love it! Don't sleep on her she's dope!

Check out her video....

Right Hand Hi

KID SISTER | MySpace Music Videos

LMFAO "Shots"

The Video for one of the biggest party hits of the year is finally here! LMFAO "Shots" Power 106 On air personality/ Mixer Eric Dlux makes a cameo as well as Johnny Barba!

Peep the video!!!

New Video Diddy & Dirty Money "Love Come Down"

"Love Come Down" is one of my favorite songs out right now! I'm so happy the video is finally out!

Peep the video!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Amerie Performs on Jimmy Kimmel

Amerie's Album "In love & War" is amazing!! Make sure to go out and support good music! I know the ladies are going to love it!!

Check out her dope performance for her single "Heard Em' All Say" on Jimmy Kimmel last night!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Kobe Bryant on Lopez Tonight!

If you missed the premier of George Lopez new late night show " Lopez Tonight" you missed a great show! I loved it G-Lo has the perfect personality to have a late night show! L.A. Lakers MVP Kobe Bryant was a guest on the show last night and who knew that he could cuss so well in Spanish!

check the video!

New Video Lady Gaga " Bad Romance"

Lady Gaga always has very unique and "Different" videos but this one is over the top from the rest!

Peep it

Rihanna Speaks on New Album "Rated R"

In a recent interview that Rhi Rhi had with AP she talked about how during the making of her album it was such an emotional rollecoster to finish up her album!

Peep the video.....

Rihanna Get's Honored "Women Of The Year"

Last night at "Glamour's 2009 Women of the Year" Awards show in New York City , Rihanna was honored "Women of the Year"!!

Def Jam Label Head L.A, Reid Accompanied Rhi. She looks stunning in a beautiful white gown. How amazing is that Rhi Rhi is only 21 and getting awarded for "Women of The Year" thats amazing. After the interview she had with Diane Sawyer she showed just how strong of a women she is! Congrats Rhi!

Check out her acceptance speech!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Taylor Swift Pokes Fun at Kanye on SNL

Full Rhianna Inteview on 20/20!

Just in case you missed the entire interview that Rhi Rhi check it out here! What I liked about Rhi that she didn't hold back she let everyone know what really happened! She looked like the bigger person as well because she said she didn't wish no harm on Chris. I admire her for coming out and being honest.

Khole and Lamar Wedding Special!

Last night the highly anticipated "Khole and Lamar" wedding special aired on E! They showed everything from Khole and Lamar talking about maybe getting married and the next thing you know they're having dinner and he pops the question lol ! I'm not going to front I got teary eyed at the end when they were getting married! (I'm such a girl) I was kinda bummed cause I thought this was going to be the season premier of "The Kardashians" but it doesn't return till December 15th! From the previews it looks like there's going to be a lot of drama , I can't wait to see the new season!

Rihanna Performs with Jay-Z

Last night Jay-Z had a concert at UCLA in Los Angeles the concert was amazing my ubertwitter kept going off from everyone tweeting pic's! The Crowd was surprised when Rhi Rhi came out and performed "Run This Town" with Jay-Z. Check out their performance!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Lamar &Khole On Chelsea Latley

Check out these love birds on Chelsea Lately, Lamar just couldn't keep his hands of his wifey " Khole" or like he says his "Shawty" peep the interview!

Part 2 Of Sit Down interview with Rihanna

In the second half of the interview Rhi talks about what happened the night Chris Brown beat her and what caused the altercation.

Make sure to catch the entire interview tonight on ABC 7 @ 10pm!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Alicia Keys on the cover of "Arise"

A-Keys was on the cover of "Arise" magazine as we see in the pic's she showed a different side!
She flipped the bird! I wonder who that's meant for. Since so many people are criticizing her since they say she's having a love a fair with Swizz Beats since he's still married. I think they should let them live!

New Music Alicia Keys "Dreamin"

Alicia Keys album has not even come out yet, but so far the two singles that I have heard are amazing! Check this snippet of "Dreamin"

Jay-Z & Alicia Keys Perform at MTV's EMA'S

Inside look on Mariah Carey's "H.A.T.E.U" Video Shoot!

Check out these pic's of Mariah Carey on the set of her new video for "H.A.T.E.U" (Love this song) Mariah has been looking extra thick lately she looks so different from the old Mariah she's still beautiful she just has a little more meat on those bones.

Ryan Leslie's Video Preview of "Never Gonna Break up"

If you have not gone out and bought Ryan Leslie's album your so missing out! The album is amazing! Starting with "Never gonna Break Up" this is one of my favorite songs! Check out a preview of what the video is going to look like!

Beyonce thanks Jay-Z for Putting a "Ring on it"!

Beyonce showed some love to her hubby at The MTV's Europe Music Awards! When she went to give her speech she said "I gotta thank Jay for putting a ring on it".

Peep the video....

Rihanna Breaks the Silence!

Check this preview of the highly anticipated interview of Rihanna with Diane Sawyer. The full interview will air tomorrow night on 20/20 on ABC 7 at 10pm!!

New Video Gucci Man ft. Usher "Spotlight"

Gucci Mane ft Usher - Spotlight - Official Video

Gucci Mane | MySpace Video

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

New Video Trey Songz "Invented Sex"

Trey Songz "Invented Sex" is one of my favorite songs of his album! The video is finally out! and talk about a sexy video! Drake is featured in the single but not in the video! hmmm weird

Peep it!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Louie Vuitton Watch Cases!

I came across this on Monica Rose Blog check out these dope Louie Vuitton watch cases! I love them!

Rihanna graces the cover of "Glamour" Magazine

We are all anticipating the first sit down interview that Rihanna is going to have with Diane Sawyer this Friday on Good Morning America. But Rhi already opened up to Glamour Magazine and talked about her going through Domestic Violence " I went to sleep Rihanna and woke up Britney Spears"- Rhi Said . Make sure to go out and buy the latest issue of Glamour Magazine to read the rest of the interview!

New Video! Rihanna "Wait your Turn"

So if you remember I had posted the behind the scenes footage of the video shoot! Well in the words of Rhi Rhi "The Wait is Ova" the highly anticipated video is out! It's definitely different Rhi very dark! Check it out and let me know what you think!!!

Trailer of New season of "Keeping Up with The Kardashians" Lamar Proposes to Khole!

The new season of "Keeping up with the Kardashians" premiers this sunday on E! Everyone is dying to see the first episode were Lamar proposes to Khole and the famous Wedding!!! I'm not going to lie I can't wait to see it!!

Check out the Trailer!

Mariah Carey on Jay Leno

Check out Mariah as she walks in she almost falls! She talks about the day that her and nick got married she says "Of Course I was Late" lol

Peep the interview....

Jimmy Choo for H&M!

Jimmy Choo's made oh so famous when Sarah Jessica Parker played "Keri" in "Sex in the City". Every girls dream was to own a pair of those Jimmy Choo's, Well ladies we can now own our very own affordable pair of Jimmy Choo's!!!

Jimmy Choo has teamed up with H&M and now you can buy some Jimmy Choo's at a much more affordable price at your H&M store!! How cool is that!! Last night they had their launch party in West Hollywood and Check out M.I.A she's wearing these hot knee high black boots! HOTNESS

Monday, November 2, 2009

"For the Love of Ray-J" Season 2 Premires Tonight!

Ladies make sure to catch Season 2 of "For the love of Ray-J" if you thought last season was filled with craziness and drama! You ain't seeing nothing yet! Check out the trailer for the new season, make sure to watch it tonight on VH1 and MTV.

Pitbull ft. Akon "Shut it Down"

Pitbull keeps coming with the hits "Shut it Down" is one of the hottest records out right now! People go crazy for this song in the club! Check out the video!

Shut it Down feat. Akon

Pitbull | MySpace Video

Inside Look on Chris Brown's Video Shoot for "Crawl"

I gotta admit Chris Brezzy came back with a two hot singles! We all heard "Transform ya" well his next single "Crawl" has more of an R&B fell to it, it's HOT!!! Check out some the pic's that were taken from behind the scenes.

Chris Brown's album" Graffitt" will be released on December 15th .

Ellen Degeneres scares Taylor Swift!

When I saw this video I was laughing so hard! Taylor Swift gets so scared that she fell on the floor! Hilarious!!! lol

50 Cent ft. Neyo " Baby by Me"

Check out 50 cents new video for his latest single " Baby by Me" ft. Neyo Kelly Rowland also co-stars in the video as Fifty's baby momma!

Check out the video!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Jay-Z and Alicia Keys "Empire State of Mind"

The Video is finally out for one of the biggest songs of the year! Jay-Z ft. Alicia Keys "Empire State Of Mind" Love the video makes me want to go to New York even more now!!!!

Ryan Leslie's "Transition"

Ryan Leslie's new album "Transition" will hit stores next week Nov. 3rd! I'm soooo excited!!! Check out this video he did talking about his album!

Ryan Leslie - "Transition" is here! from Ryan Leslie on Vimeo.

Alicia Keys " Try Sleeping with a Broken Heart"

I Love A-keys next single " Try Sleeping with a Broken Heart"!! I know all the ladies and some fellas are going to relate to this song!! Her Album "The Element of Freedom" will be out on December 15Th! I cannot wait! Just from the first two songs I'm soo excited!!!!

Ghostface Killah tells "Ghost Stories" on Jimmy Kimmel

Jay-Z & Alicia Keys Peform "Empire State of Mind" at World Series

Jay-Z and Alicia Keys did it again this time with no interruptions from Lil Momma! They had an amazing performance last night at the World Series in New York! Jay-Z was reppin with his Yankee gear and Alicia looked amazing!

Check out their performance!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Chris Brown ft. Lil Wayne & Swizz Beats "Transform Ya"

Chris Brown did it big with this video I Like it!!!

Neyo " Never Knew I Needed"

I love Neyo's new single! His ballad was featured on Disney's animated movie "The Princess and the Frog; Tiana and her Princess friends" Check out the video!

Melonie Fiona "It Kills Me"

This is one of my favorite R&B Songs right now don't sleep on Melonie Fiona she is amazing!!

Check out the video for "It Kills Me" Ladies there's some eye candy for you in this video check out Adam Rodriguez! Hot Stuff!!!