Monday, March 30, 2009

New Music from N.A.S.A ft. Kanye West, Santogold, and Lykke Li

Check out this Dope Video for " Gifted" new track from N.A.S.A ft. Kanye West, Santogold, and Lykke Li!!!

It's HOT!!! 

Diddy and Cassie seen togethere again!!

I seriously think that they need to stop frontin and just admit that they are dating! They were seen togethere at Diddy's home in Miami over the weekend and I recently saw them at Club Kiss in Hollywood!!! Stop Frontin just come out and admit no one is really gonna be surprised! On a  side note Diddy has two hot tracks on his album that I've gotten the chance to check out! I love the one he has with Cassie "Must be Love" ( hmm Ironic???) His album is set to be released  in either May or June, I can't wait!!!! 

Happy Monday!!!

I Know Monday's for some reason are always a drag!!! This weekend went by so quick too!! 

Here are some highlights of what happen over the weekend!!

Top 5 Movies
1.) Monsters vs. Aliens 
2) The Haunting in Connecticut 
3) Knowing 
4) I Love You Man 
5) Duplicity 

The Kids Choice Awards went Down this Saturday and Everyone and their Momma showed up! Usher, Soulja Boy, Jonas Brothers, Tyrese,Jermaine Dupri, Russell Simmons, just to name a few! Dwane Johnson formally know as "The Rock" Hosted the show! 

Lil Wayne and T-pain Concert was Yesterday out here in Cali and Yezzy Baby " Lil Wayne" brought our Keri Hilson to Perform " Turning me on" Check out this video from

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Love Fergie's New Look!!!

I'm sooo lovin Fergie's new look!!!

I think she looks great with dark hair, and her outfit is HOT!

Rihanna Got a New Tattoo!

Pictures of Rhi Rhi's new tattoo were released today and there's this huge buzz about it because there shotguns! OOOO Chris Brown you better watch your back!!! Her tattoo Artist Bang Bang (how ironic is his name) said that Rhi Rhi had been messin with the idea of shotguns for a while and they wanted to put it in a place where it wouldn't take away from her face. So they went with the side of her ribcage. Could she be trying to trying to send a message with her new Tattoo? All I can say is that I'm glad she took a break from Chris and I really hope she doesn't go back! 

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Pharrell got Moves!

Pharell was recently traveling home from Malaysia and his flight had to stop in Paris. He went to the Mcdonalds and it was closed, so he busted out some moves to try to convince them to open early.

Check the Video.... 

Does Rihanna have a new man??

Rumor has it that she was spotted hanging out with Wilmer Valderama last Wednesday at "Geisha House" in Hollywood. Sources say that as soon as she walked in Wilmer gravitated to her immediately and they hang out the rest of the night, and he even bought her a champagne bottle!!! What's up with Wilmer and young chicks??? Mandy Moore, and Lindsey Lohan, now maybe Rhi Rhi?? Well have to wait and see if we see them together more often. 

Go Head Kim Kardashian!!!

In the latest issue of  Complex Magazine Kim Kardashian was on the cover. Her pictures that were released online were not touched up the same as the printed ones, and people immediately started blogging about how they photo shopped her and how she had cellulite! In her defense she went on to say ""So what: I have a little cellulite. What curvy girl doesn't!? How many people do you think are photo shopped? It happens all the time!"- Kim said on her blog.

I'm glad she defended herself I saw the pictures and it doesn't even  look bad!!! She could have not said it  any better being a curvy girl myself we all face that problem of cellulite! Let her live! I personally think it shows that she's not perfect and it shows that shes normal like everyone else! 

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Ray-J was seen with who?????


Mya and Ray-J were seen together on Monday at DJ Kiss Birthday party at Bungalow 8 in New York City!!!!

I really hope Mya isn't hooking up with Ray-J don't become a victim girl!!!Plus we need to hear good stuff about you not bad. Hurry and come out with a new album!!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Keri Hilson's new Videos ft. Kanye West!

I love Keri Hilson's Album and this is my Favorite song of the Album "Knock you Down" ft. Kanye West!!!  I've been anticipating the Video and it's finally here WHOO HOO!! lol

Check it!!! 

Lauren Conrad Clothing line put on Hold!

Lauren's Clothing Brand " Lauren Conrad" didn't do so well as she as many expected it to do. Her line was initially at Kitson stores and Bloomingdale's but they had to stop selling it because no one was buying it. I love lauren but some of her designs looked like something you can buy at Forever 21 and for much cheaper price! Her camp is saying that they had to put her clothing line on "HOLD" for right now because of the economy and they are going revise the designs and are looking to work with luxury fabrics. I hope this time around her clothing line works!! Make it affordable Lauren!

Christina Millan and The Dream in a Hawaiian Vacation!

OOOO Way to stop the Rumors!!!

 Christina Millan and The Dream were caught Smooching by the pool in Hawaii!! In a recent interview with Power 106 Big Boys Neighborhood Christina  denied any rumors of The Dream and her being an item! Well now we see she was covering it up! Rumor has that she was wearing an engagement ring too!! Hmm I wonder if that's why the titled  her album "Eloped"

Is Nicole Richie trying to copy Lady Gaga???

Check out the  Cover for Blackbook Magazine for the April issue.. Nicole Richie was on the front page and  I had take a double look for a mintute because I thought  it was Lady Gaga for a second!! I gotta admit her outfits are pretty fresh!!! Love the purple jacket and the Louie Leggings!!! Rumor has it that she's coming out with her own album as well. 

Hot New Video from Ciara and Justin Timberlake!!

Check out this new video from Ciara and Justin Timberlake for "Love, Sex, Magic", and can I just say how HOT Justin looks!!! HOTTIE!!!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Whats Hot This Spring!!!!

Spring is just around the corner and I have been doing my research for whats going to be HOT this spring and I came across a lot!!! check it!!!

Blazers are are back!  The "Boyfriend" Blazers are going to be hot this spring!  I was kinda of iffy at first but you can dress them up! wear a cute tank underneath add a necklace and some bracelets and roll up the selves and you are set!

Graphic Tees- I love these!!!  They are going to be so Hot this spring and they are fun and easy to dress up as well  you can get really cute ones at a good price at Forever 21, Urban Outfitters , and kitson. 

Platform Shoes- These are going to be the "IT" shoe for spring the Strapy ones are my favorite ones.!!! 

Woven Tops-  These are simple and dressy at the same time these would along great with the "Boyfriend Blazer" 

So Ladies now you know what's going to be HOT this spring!! Let's go shopping!!! 

Does Common have a New Love Intrest???

Monday Common had a show at the "Hard Rock Cafe" At City Walk in Hollywood..  Yesi Ortiz  from Power 106 hosted the event and a close source to the On- Air Personality provided me with this picture.... 

Hmmm could this be love??  This picture says a lot to me!!! 
Could this be Common's new Love interest??   

Rumor has it that the two know each other quite well..... hmmmmm interesting!!! 

Rhi Rhi Out having fun!!!

So Rumor has it that Rhianna and Chris Brown are on a "BREAK" ( I'm hoping it's for good!!) 

Last night she was at "Le Duex" in Hollywood when she was leaving the club according to TMZ her driver got pulled over because he didn't have a license plate, and he had tinted windows. But besides that Rhi Rhi looked a little bit more refreshed!! She look pretty too!! I'm glad she's coming to her senses!!!  

Kanye West Gets charged with Misdemeanor Battery!!!

I'm pretty sure you all heard about the incident a couple of months ago when Kanye and his Manager were at LAX and the paparazzi started taking pictures and Kanye  snapped and went off on them. Well now he's being charged with..  Misdemeanor Battery, Grand Theft, and Vandalism!!! If he gets convicted he can face up to 2 years in jail!!! Can you imagine Kanye West in Jail!! 
You can't be mad at Kanye the paparazzi was all up in his space and instigating him so he was in all this right to snap!! Sometimes they get to carried away and don't know when to stop! I really hope he doesn't get charged with anything!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Lindsay Lohan Warrant gets Dismissed!

Damn! it seems that celebrities get away with anything and everything now a days!! Lindsay Lohan recently had a warrant after her arrest and yesterday it got dismissed! The crazy thing about it is that she never even stepped a foot in court, her lawyer was able to prove to the judge that she was enrolled in the alcohol program. Meanwhile Lindsay enjoyed herself at the hair salon... Must be nice!!! But lets keep it real this girl has some issues!!!I think what she needs to do is stop partyin so much! She burning herself out and she needs some Jesus in her life too!

Common Concert was so much Fun!!!

Yesterday I got the chance to see Common and Biz Markie for "Musicology 101" @ The Hard Rock Cafe in City Walk. It was so much fun Common came out and killed it!!! Common is such a great performer the crowd went crazy when he came out!!! My girls and I had a blast!!!! We love us some Common :)

Monday, March 16, 2009

Keri Hilson's new Album is "The Ish"

So I got an advance copy of Keri Hilson's new album " In A Perfect World" and OMG it has to be on of my Favorite album's out right now! There is one track that I absolutely love, it's called "Knock you down" ft. Kanye West and Neyo. Ladies if you have ever been in love before your gonna love this song!!!! Make sure to go out any buy her Album it comes out in store on March 24th!!!

Lady Gaga " The New Princess of Pop"??

Watch out and Britney... there's a new princess in town!

Lady Gaga had a concert on Friday At the Wiltern in Los Angeles! I didn't get to go but I heard she killed it!!! Perez Hilton was there and apparently said that Lady Gaga was " The New Princess of Pop". It was a full house Kanye West, and Diddy even made an appearance!! Lady Gaga is blowing up!!! If you haven't heard her album its "The Ish"!!! Go out and get!!!

Go head Gaga!!!

Monday, March 9, 2009

New Dream Video for " My Love"

"My Love" is one of my favorite songs of The Dreams Album! The video is pretty dope Mariah Carey shows a different side of her she still looks amazing that women never gets old does she lol.

"The Kardashians" are back!!!

Yesterday was the "Season Premier" of "The Kardashians" and it was sooo good!! Quick recap the episode last night was when Khole was going to jail for her second DUI.Then it goes on to show her getting ready to go to jail her friend is curling her hair, Kim is taking pictures of her lmao! It was just soo funny!! The entire family is hilarious!! At the end of the show they teased what was coming up this season and it looks soooo good!! Make sure to watch it every Sunday on E! :) I know Yesi and I are hooked! lol

Friday, March 6, 2009

Octo-Mom is Crazy!!!

At first I felt bad for her but shhh not anymore!!! she's a Hot Mess and an Attention Hoer! She is using those kids to juice the media for money!! Why would she want to sell the video of her giving birth to the 8 babies! Come on now that's something private and I'm pretty sure people don't want to see that! ( That's Gross)

Chris Brown set to return to court on April 6th!

So Chris Brown finally showed his face yesterday in court. But get this upon his attorneys request it got postponed till April 6Th!!! WTF in the meantime the judge ordered Chris ""not to annoy, harass, molest, threaten or use force against anyone" in the meantime." (

Hmm well see if he keeps his hands to himself!!! I was watching the news this morning, and they showed some video of him in court yesterday. I was just in disbelief that he would beat her the way he did, What a Jerk!!! I really hope that Rhi Rhi comes to her senses and breaks up with him!!!


M.I.A. finally came out and released her baby's name and you'll never guess the hideous name she gave the poor kid "Ickitt Brewer"! What was she thinking thats a horrible name!! Poor kid he's gonna get teased at school!!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Jumpsuits are coming back!!

According to Kim Kardashian she is saying that tracksuits are coming back! I'm trusting her because she was a stylist first!!! I love this one that she wearing it's very cute and it compliments her body very well. Jumpsuits are very easy to throw on and you can dress them up with a cute belt or a cute necklace and your all set!! Just like Kim did!!! So be on the lookout for these jumpsuits ladies!!! 

Also speaking of Kim "The Kardashians" are coming back this Sunday on E! I can't wait to see the New Season!!!! 


WOW!!! According to "Star Magazine" Rhi Rhi and Chris Brown got married over the weekend in Diddy's home the article goes on to say that Chris Brown begged forgiveness and proposed on the spot!!! WTF!!! There's more! A close source to Rhi Rhi and Chris said.."All she's ever wanted was to be with him forever," a source tells Star. "Rihanna is looking for the husband-and-two-kids deal before she turns 25. She believes in fairy tales, and she wants to live hers with Chris. She was totally up front and confessed to him, 'I can't live without you.'" WOW what a chismosa! why is she puttin her business out like that! Rhianna's people need to knock some sense into her!! Come on girl what makes you think he's not gonna hit you again!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

"The Hills" is coming back for Season 5!!!!!

I'm so excited "The Hills" is back for season 5!!! I love that show I know a lot of people say it's scripted but hey it's still good!!! I can't wait I just saw the trailer for the new season and it looks sooo good Lauren and Heidi might make up, and Heidi and Spencer might break up!!! Check it out!!! 

Looking Good During a Recession!

Okay so we all know it's hard times right now, well no worries ladies, you can still look good at an affordable price! I got these Black High heels at Forever 21 for $29.00 and they have the similar ones at Chinese Laundry(Brown) for $119.00!!!  Forever 21 is the spot to go to right now, you can get a lot for a good price! Over the weekend I went shopping and I bought... 
  • 2 Cardigans 
  • 1 Shirt
  • Leggings 
  • and the Black heels you see on the left hand side 
 I only spent $107.00!! Thats a deal for everything I got! 


WHOA!!!!  Now K-fed is looking like a SUPER HOT MESS!!!  He's not no  stud anymore!! I mean I used to think he was decent looking but damn he let himself go!!! Not only is he a wannabe rapper but now he looks terrible!!! I'm glad Britney left his Low-Life Money Hungry Butt!!!


OH MAN!!! J-lo is looking a "Hot Mess" in this picture!!!  I mean I know we all have our bad days but WOW J-lo I hope your not walking around on high horse looking like this! 

New Music!!

So there's been quite a buzz for this  girl " Melanie Fiona" if you like RnB Jazz type of music you will like this song it's called "Give it to me Right"! Check out her performance on Carson Daily's show! 

Monday, March 2, 2009

What was Christina Millan thinking!!!!

What was Christina thinking when she went blond!!!! Why did her hairstylist let her do that!!! I remember when I was blond and my mom told me I looked like Celia Cruz lol I vowed never to go blond again!It's something that some Latinas can't get away with! I think Christina needs to go back to her Dark hair plus its a recession right now being blond is to much maintenance!!! 

Fun Fact of the Day!

In a recent article in Cosmo they said "Researchers at McMaster University found that when it comes to friendships, men like to be around women who make wisecracks, but for romantic relationships they are only into women who laugh at their jokes".

This is soo true!! I have a lot of guy friends and they love when you make smart jokes with them and they love it even more when you laugh at their dumb jokes! LOL! (I do it all the time ;) ) I think when that when you laugh at their jokes they feel "Funny" and they feel like you have accepted them for who they are. What do you ladies think???

Beauty Tip of the Day!!!

Okay Ladies I got a quick little beauty tip for you! We all know how it feels like to be on a busy schedule and how we have to rush to get ready.  I was reading Cosmo over the weekend and they said that you can look great by simply applying on some nice bronzer and some mascara and you are set. The bronzer will give you a nice natural glow and the mascara will make your eyes stand out! I recommend using Mac's Bronzer "Golden" it gives you a nice natural Glow and the Mascara that I love right now is Maybelline's "Colossal Volume" it works the best! 

Goodbye "Girls Next Door"!!!

Last night was the Season Finale of "The Girls Next Door" and it was so sad to see how all the girls were saying bye to Hef. Let me give you a quick Recap of  what happen last night Bridget is leaving the mansion to travel the world for her new show " Bridget's Sexiest Beaches", Kendra decided that it was time to move on with her life and she bought a new place, and Holly well she didn't leave but in the end you see her leaving to Vegas to go work on a photo shoot for playboy, and Hef goes and talks to Mary ( his assistant) and he tells her that he has seen that Holly isn't really happy Lately! I felt so bad for Hef at the end of the show! Well see what happens New Season well be coming soon. But in the meanwhile Kendra is gonna have her own show on E! I can't wait it looks hilarious!! You can also catch Bridget's show "Bridget's Sexiest Beaches" on the travel channel!!